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“Live life in moderation. You will enjoy the best of both worlds.”

Living a balanced life can be quite tough and quite easy at the same time. Not having anyone to share your professional success will leave you with a feeling that something is amiss. On the other hand, not having a successful professional achievement will certainly affect your relations with your life partner. Which is why, a healthy balance of personal and professional success is the key to living a fulfilling and enriching life.

There is no ‘single’ mantra for living a rewarding life, like there is no ‘single’ key for the different locks that that life offers you from time to time. Different rules apply differently to individuals. But there is a set of “broad guidelines” which a person can follow for increasing the probability of empowering himself with a richer life is all aspects.

If sportspersons did not have a “goal” to strike, they would keep on playing their entire lives but would never be satisfied. Similarly, you must have a set of personal and professional goals which you
want to “strike” while playing the game of life.

Have a clear focus on how you want to achieve the goals that you have painstakingly set. Only when the focus is set and the picture is clear, do you press the “click” button on your camera, right? Similarly, a focussed action plan will take you faster towards your goals.

You must also have an “individual social responsibility” plan in place, where you make a small but certain difference in the life or lives of individuals who are lesser placed in life than you are.

“Creating good karma helps you achieve inner peace, which propels you towards perpetual happiness.”

Remember, a truly successful person is one who judiciously balances his or her life between the two pillars of Materialism and Spiritualism.

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